Buzz and Woody are very polite young boys who just love people. They also love their food! Their favourites are Oaten and Lucerne Chaffe, and home-made mash (rice, maize flour, oats and cracked corn) with veggies and fruit. (Bananas are always a hit and Woody adores zucchini.)
Buzz especially enjoys cuddles and loves a good chat, while Woody is a gentle soul who enjoys back scratches and loves to give snout kisses.
If you have dreamt of having pet pigs to bring a big dose of joy to your life, please contact us regarding these beautiful boys. Due their gorgeous natures they are perfect for first time pig owning families. And we here at Head Over Hooves want Buzz and Woody to have a great life, so we are happy to provide advice on shelters, fencing, nutritional requirements, routine care and support after adoption.
Woody and Buzz Lightyear are about 5 months old, both de-sexed and up to date with worming and external parasite treatments.
These boys will rock your world! To Infinity and Beyond!

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