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Sponsoring is a great way to help care for a rescued animal. As well as providing for the care of your sponsored animal, your gift contributes to the rescue of more animals from pounds, their feed, veterinary care and rehabilitation needs.


Little Jimmy was found running along a highway in the middle of the night, with cars and trucks swerving to miss him. This little lamb was less than 24 hours old and had somehow been separated from his mother. There wasn’t another sheep in sight, so we scooped him up into the safety of our ute, finding him miraculously unharmed.

Due to Little Jimmy’s rough start in life, he is very small for his age and has a grain intolerance, making supplementary feeding difficult. Little Jimmy has grass hay for dinner which is high in fibre and good for his tummy, but he will only eat his healthy hay with sweet lucerne chaff sprinkled on top. He also has a salt lick and mineral block available in his bedroom.

When you sponsor Little Jimmy you are becoming friends with a happy and affectionate young man, revelling in his second chance at life. 

Your sponsorship will help pay for Little Jimmy’s dinner, his regular internal and external parasite treatment, straw for his comfy bed, yearly vaccination, his monthly tick collar and ensure he continues to charm our young and old visitors alike with his cheerful outlook on life.


This teeny, tiny miniature pony was dumped as she was too “small for the kids to ride anymore”. Little Frances is one of our special need’s residents. She has a jaw deformity, which makes it hard for her to chew effectively and an abnormally small oesophagus. This combination makes it very easy for Frances to develop choke (a blocked oesophagus), this sweet little girl has suffered from choke four times in two years.

To keep her healthy, Little Frances requires her daily feed and minerals to be blended up into a fine mixture so she doesn’t develop choke, she requires sedation and dental procedures every 6 months, she needs her mouth flushed out twice a week with antibacterial wash as she gets pockets of food caught in between her teeth, she has a pedicure every 6 weeks and requires daily tick check, bi weekly sprays for tick and routine annual vaccinations and internal parasite treatment.

Despite all this Little Frances loves life, she adores her boyfriend Forest, they are inseparable. She loves her breakfast, enjoys napping in the sun and adores getting cuddles from visitors.

If you would like to help care for Little Frances, you will receive regular updates from her and know that you are helping her get the high-quality care she needs to live her best life.


These two rescued bobby calves arrived at Head Over Hooves in need of some immediate medical care. Both were underweight, needing surgical intervention for infected wounds and medication for internal worm infestations and ticks.

With lots of TLC and nutrition we have had the joy of watching them blossom into the healthy, gentle, and very handsome boys they are now. Their favourite foods are Lucerne chaff and sweet potato. They love spending their days eating, snoozing and getting cuddles and neck rubs.

If you would like to help continue to give Niles and Frasier the best care (and everything else their hearts desire), you will receive regular updates from the boys and know that they are safe, loved and have full bellies!

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”


Clark Kent is one very lucky rooster. This well-mannered young man found himself in an all too common situation for many young roosters - he was dumped.

But someone or something had bigger plans for this rooster. It didn’t take him long to bewitch the pound staff with his striking good looks and chivalrous manners. With people offering caring homes for roosters - a rarity in council pounds - Head Over Hooves was contacted. Knowing we were his only hope, we agreed to take him.

Little did we know we were about to meet Clark Kent! – because this man is a superhero. Clark has many adventure stories to tell, not the least being the time he fought off a two-metre python! Clark spends his days, watching over and protecting his many girls, dust bathing and finding treats for everyone. He loves a good cuddle, going for adventures and helping-out wherever he can. But, like all super heroes, Clark is also on a mission to highlight just how protective and caring roosters can be. It’s a big job, but someone’s got to do it!

When you sponsor Clark Kent you get to be friends with a pint size super hero and provide him with: nutritional food and supplements, a secure shelter, heath care & parasite control, and all the love and attention he needs to thrive.


Georgie Boy found himself in the tragic scenario so many pigs find themselves in. He was bought as a cute little piglet by an unprepared owner living in a residential area. It didn’t take long for the neighbours to call the council, and before long Georgie Boy found himself at the pound. With his world turned upside down he would not eat, and spent his days pacing up and down waiting for his human, who did not come.


Once he had served some time at the pound, Head Over Hooves received a call asking if we could help the young man out. He was soon on his way here. Upon arriving he was introduced to his new best friend Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - it was love at first sight. 


Georgie Boy is a people pig; he runs as fast as his perfect stumpy legs will take him for a hug and kiss. He loves to flop on your lap for a cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to you. Georgie Boy is the sweetest, most affectionate and trusting little pig.

When you sponsor Georgie Boy you get to be friends with one awesome, boss pig and provide him with delicious and nutritious food and supplements, a secure shelter with clean bedding, heath care, tusk and hoof care, and all the love and attention he needs to thrive.

$25 can feed 5 chickens for one month

$50 can feed and care for an animal for one month

$100 can vet check and vaccinate an animal

$250 can desex one animal

$500 can fund life-saving veterinary care for a sick or injured animal

A monthly pledge ensures they receive the best care and attention we can give them. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.



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