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A hen like Alice

To many people it’s just a chicken. To us, she is Alice. Alice loves life here at Head Over Hooves. She’s very particular about her daily self-care and beauty regime made up of Vitamin D (naps in the sun), dirt baths, a healthy well balanced wholefood diet and active social life. Alice likes to voice her opinion as much as she loves a cuddle and is an all-round modern girl.

But it’s not all rosy in Alice’s world. Alice is an Isa Brown, a breed that has been genetically modified to lay as many eggs as physically possible. Chickens naturally lay 12 eggs a year, but sadly, an Isa Brown like Alice has been bred to lay over 300 eggs a year.

This takes an enormous toll on her little body and even with all the love and care we give her we cannot undo what science has done to her breed. Alice has had multiple treatments for Egg Yolk Peritonitis: including courses of antibiotics, oral anti-inflammatories, vitamin injections, nutritional supplements, and daily draining of her abdomen to remove excess fluid. Alice has now developed all too common reproductive tumours her beautiful little body will soon succumb to them.

Alice loving life at Head Over Hooves

But for now, Alice is making the most of life. She burst out of her bedroom today excited for another beautiful day with her friends Roxette, Sally and Pumpernickel and her boyfriend Peter Parker, she savoured her breakfast, she lay in the sun, she foraged around looking for treasure whilst gossiping with her best friend Dolly and tonight she will be tucked away in her snuggly bed, full of treats and friends to cuddle up to.

We see you and we love you Alice. You are so much more than just a chicken to us. You’re a friend and an inspiration.

We rescued another nine older Isa Brown chickens, who were in desperate need of care, good food, veterinary attention, and love. One by one these beautiful girls developed common reproductive cancers, and heartbreakingly five have developed egg peritonitis. We did what we could, but their little frail bodies could only handle so much and after 6 months, we are sad to say only Cindy, Linda and Tyra are left standing.

Rescued girls

As you can imagine, the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories used to treat this condition are expensive, the best nutritional feeds are costly and the ongoing vet appointments and check ups all add up very quickly.

We are asking for your help, to continue to give chickens like Alice, Cindy, Linda and Tyra the best palliative care, to make every day until their last a good day.

We want to give all the animals the best care and we can't do it without you. Please give to our tax-deductible animal care fund.

“We cannot do great things on this Earth, Only small things with great love.”

Mother Teresa

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