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You can help keep them safe!

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Head Over Hooves is situated near the magnificent Border Ranges, which while a beautiful and serene place for abandoned farmed animals to recover and thrive, also makes them vulnerable to predators.

During the day they’re housed in secure paddocks, and at night they sleep in enclosed shelters.

Accustomed to an evening feast of lucerne or tasty fresh veggies, each evening the animals wait excitedly around the paddock gates eager to head up to their secure shelter.

But the shelters are getting to the point where they’re not quite big enough for everyone. To safely accommodate more animals, like calves Niles and Frasier, we urgently need to build more shelters.

Sheep in a shelter
"Nup! No room here. Try the goats next door." Peter Pan

You can help keep them safe at night

In addition to two extra paddock shelters for night time safety, we need a designated quarantine shelter (and we all know how important that is!) for new arrivals.

Rescued animals are kept in quarantine for a period (the length of time varies between animals) after they land at Head Over Hooves to monitor their health and ensure they don’t have any disease or parasites that can be passed onto others.

And it's a slow walk each day for our older and less abled residents, like dear Matilda, whose ageing joints make it hard to keep up with her younger friend Spencer, and who would benefit from having her night time shelter located within a shorter stroll of her day paddock.

You can help keep them safe with more room at the Head Over Hooves inn this Christmas.

Our gratitude for your support...

We know this is a big ask. We know times are still incredibly tough for a lot of our supporters in this COVID year.

All donations, however small, help us to build more shelters and help more animals. Thank you so very much for your generosity and support.

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