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A sheep that's never eaten grass?

Updated: May 22, 2021

How must it feel to have green grass under your feet or hooves after standing on concrete or gravel in pens for weeks – or even months?

We don’t know how it feels for them, but we can see how transformed these animals are when it happens.

Farmed animals end up in pounds and shelters for many reasons; as the result of cruelty, abandoned, surrendered, found wandering on roads and sometimes because their care giver is unable to provide for their basic needs and genuinely believes they deserve a better home.

And when they experience that home with us, you’d be amazed how they respond. Even we are!

James Dean came to us from a pound. A gentle, mature-aged boy in desperate need of a good haircut, who appeared to have never had access to grass. When James arrived at Head Over Hooves, we were fascinated to see him eating his hay and other supplementary feed, but pay no attention to the foreign substance under his hooves.

But – he learned fast! After a few days of watching his new friends eating the strange green stuff growing on the ground, James cautiously took his first bite of lush green grass.

It’s hard to imagine what life was like for James without experiencing the joy of grazing on fresh grass or feeling it under his hooves, but he hasn't looked back since.

Most of the animals rescued by Head Over Hooves have been neglected and need special care and attention. Each species has its own paddock, bedding and care needs.

We also pay close attention to their nutrition. Most commercial animal feeds have been scientifically designed for maximum weight gain in the shortest period. As we want the animals to live long and healthy lives, we design and provide specific, healthy diets for our residents.

And, just like cats and dogs, farmed animals can develop chronic diseases as they age. At any given time, we may be caring for animals with heart disease, epilepsy, blindness, and chronic arthritis.

Despite these challenges, our goal is to provide tailored, high quality care for every animal.

Will you extend a helping hand to an animal in need like James? Join our community of donors committed to rescuing farmed animals from pounds and shelters - and give them the gift of their best years yet.

Your support will allow us to continue to take in new animals, knowing that you are there to help support the costs of their care.

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