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Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Millions of roosters across the world die every day. There are many sad fates that can befall roosters: they can end up as the unwanted and unloved products of chicken- hatching projects, be impounded by a council or ‘set free’ in a park, reared for slaughter, or just a waste by-product of the egg industry. The soon to be named Bruce Wayne and Alfred were close to suffering this fate.

Here at Head Over Hooves we became aware of some impounded chickens and ducks who might need a bit of extra help. Amongst the chicken flock we spotted two young roosters. The chances of roosters finding safe new homes from the pound were poor so we made the decision to take them with us, knowing that we would also have our work cut out finding them new homes. While many people will happily welcome hens into their homes, roosters find it harder to find a similar welcome. Sometimes this is because of council or other restrictions. However, when these are not an issues it can also reflect a lack of experience with roosters and an understanding of how wonderful these animals can be. Roosters are protective, brave and loving. We think they are the unsung heroes of the fowl world!

When young Bruce Wayne and Alfred arrived at Head Over Hooves Farm Haven, we were not prepared for more roosters! First order of business was a python proof coop.

An empty old wardrobe was perfect, requiring only a few modifications.

Bruce and Alfred enjoy spending their days sun and dust bathing, watching over and protecting their girls: Xena, Ivy, Miss Poppins, Angela and Audrey, and finding treats for them all.

We’d love Bruce Wayne and Alfred to find loving homes with humans who appreciate their unique talents. If that sounds like you, please check their adoption profiles and send us an email.

Top Tip: If you’ve got a rooster hanging around your hens, chances are some of their eggs will be fertilised and may, if left uncollected, hatch little roosters as well as hens. To avoid breeding more unwanted roosters make sure to collect eggs daily.



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