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Spencer - You're safe now

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

When we saw a video on the news of a terrified little goat being caught by rangers, we knew we could help. We contacted the pound to be told that he was very scared and not coping on his own in the pound environment.

We decided that this little man was a prime candidate for some Head Over Hooves love and care. When we arrived to pick him up, he ran into the corner of his shelter where he huddled, frozen with fear. It wasn’t long before he was gently cradled to his awaiting chariot and on his way to Head Over Hooves Farm Haven. Things were looking up!

His bedroom was quickly set up and his new friend Wolfgang waited to greet him.

It took time to gain Spencer's trust. Whenever we came close, Spencer would manoeuvre himself behind Wolfgang, who has become his great protector and friend.

Slowly over several weeks, Spencer’s confidence grew. He would follow his buddy Wolfgang everywhere and gradually learned it was safe to eat treats from our hand.

It’s an absolute joy watching him relax and show that he’s feeling safer and more comfortable. He does have one very important rule, however, we can look but not touch! As you can see, Wolfgang continues in his protector role.

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