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Meet Peter Parker

This gentle rooster was dumped.

With his wings trimmed dangerously short and tail feathers removed he stood no chance of surviving. We found him at a local look out, emaciated, dehydrated, with 16 paralysis ticks feeding on him.

We cradled his limp weak body back to Head Over Hooves and began emergency treatment. Paralysis ticks were removed, too weak to eat or drink we crop fed him vitamin, mineral and critical care formulas. We treated his lice infestation, skin condition and internal parasites.

Day by day he slowly gained his strength and started to show his personality. He loves eating from your hand, loves to be cuddled and buries his face into your neck when he feels scared. We have named him Peter Parker - our heroic Spider man who fought so hard for his right to live. This is the sad reality so many roosters face.

How can you help?

Most sanctuaries are at full capacity with roosters, so if you or anyone you know is able to offer a rooster a loving home please contact your local animal rescue organisation and adopt a rooster. ♥️ We have many superhero roosters looking for their forever home, check out their adoption profiles here.

If you'd like to learn some fun facts about these legends of the fowl world head to:

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