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Roosters: The Unsung Heroes of the Fowl Kingdom

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Roosters probably have the worst reputation out of all the animals in the farm animal kingdom. However, if you are lucky enough to meet one of these fabulous characters, you will be a rooster advocate for life.

"Pumping iron is beneath me" - Tony Stark superhero rooster

First things first: being handsome is very important!

Just as we are, chickens are attracted to specific physical attributes when looking for a partner. While we may be attracted to good arms, big eyes, warm smile - at the root of these aesthetic requirements the females are looking for a mate who will provide strong offspring. So, if you see roosters frantically grooming themselves, now you know why!

Hens are looking for:

- even wattles

- large combs with tall points

- long spurs for protection (these are a must have!! Remember this when trimming your boy’s spurs, you may ruin his love life!!)

- long shiny hackle and saddle feathers (these are essential when seducing their hens with a striking sexy dance)

Clark Kent (below) is a great example – he steals everyone’s ladies!

Clark Kent took on a python and wants everyone to know

“Look, look what I found!”

Not only do roosters protect their hens, they also provide for them. When a rooster finds food, he will excitedly call his girls over to show them what they have found. This is called “tidbitting”. His hens will come running over as fast as their little legs will take them when they hear the tidbitt call.

The rooster will then pick up and drop the food to show the girls what he’s found. While the hens eat, the rooster will diligently stand up tall and watch over them while they’re distracted. He will generally not eat until they have had some food.

It is a truly beautiful relationship to witness.

Rooster mates

There is a misconception that roosters cannot live together. This is not true in all cases. Some roosters happily live together. Having said that, there is a hierarchy which must be strictly followed to avoid social disturbances!

As with people, sometimes roosters just don’t like each other, so they need to be kept separate.

If that’s the case and you need to keep roosters in neighbouring areas, it’s a good idea to block their line of sight; this should stop them injuring each other through the fence. When roosters don’t like each-other they don’t hide it. It’s every man for himself.


All roosters crow: they crow throughout the day and sometimes during the night, when they are alerting the others of a possible danger. So again, being brave and awesome! Roosters will also have crow-offs with each other. The head rooster will instigate, and the others will join in and follow.

Super Senses

Eyesight: roosters (and hens) see the world in different colours to us; they see through ultraviolet light which gives them the ability to see and catch bugs. They can also see 300 degrees.

Hearing: roosters have very accurate hearing; for example, they can locate another rooster from hearing another rooster’s crow.

Respect for roosters

Despite these superhero qualities there are so many sad fates that face most roosters: whether they are impounded by a council, ‘let free’ in a park, unwanted chicks from chicken hatching projects, reared for slaughter, or a waste by-product of the egg industry. As a result, millions of roosters die every day. They are loving, they are brave, they are extraordinary. They are the unsung heroes of the fowl world and they deserve our respect.

Please share this blog to help spread the rooster word in the hope that many more will find loving homes. Head Over Hooves Farm Haven always has roosters up for adoption. Every rooster rehomed means another can be saved.

The gentlemen of Head Over Hooves Farm Haven would like to leave you with this thought:


If you are interested in offering a loving home to a rooster in need please check out our animals for adoption.

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