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To infinity and beyond! A story of two piglets.

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Hi there! A big thank you to everyone for all your well wishes. My brother and I are having lots of fun here at Head Over Hooves Farm Haven. We were starting to think we were going to spend the rest of our lives at the pound after living there for two whole months!

We were a bit scared during our big drive to Head Over Hooves, but eventually we got bored and fell asleep. When we arrived here it was so exciting to see the biggest bed of fresh straw waiting for us. It was awesome and we played in it for hours! We like to bury right under it and snuggle up to each other all night, and for our after-breakfast snooze…and our noon siesta…and then there’s the afternoon kip… ❤️

It hasn’t all been sleeping, you know – there’s been a lot going on since we arrived. We’re pretty sure we spotted some wormer in our breakfast on the first morning here, but we do feel much better now as we don’t have any more of those nasty worms! We have to wear sunscreen outside as my little brother gets really burnt in the sun. But we do not like having it put on! We’ve also had a bath, which we weren’t too sure about at the time, but now our skin is looking and feeling heaps nicer.

We love the food here; we get cooked rice, corn meal, cracked corn, seaweed meal, soy meal, pumpkin, carrot, beetroot, zucchini and Lucerne chaff. We need the right food to get everything we need to grow healthy and strong.

We’re having so many fun adventures here at Head Over Hooves - watch us eating grass for the very first time!

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Anyway, I’m feeling sleepy now so I’m off for my fifth nap of the day. Oh, I just remembered what I really wanted to tell you – my brother and I now have our new names!

Lots of love, Woody and Buzz Lightyear (snout kisses!!) 🐽 🐽

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