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Welcome to Head Over Hooves!

Head Over Hooves Farm Haven was founded to provide abandoned and mistreated farmed animals with another pathway to life.

It may surprise you to know that many lambs, sheep, goats, cows, chickens and ducks – and the list goes on – end up in pounds and shelters. If unclaimed or not rehomed, they face a grim future. At Head Over Hooves our aim is to rescue as many of these animals as we can.

We are a group of caring individuals with experience in hands-on care of farmed animals and charity sector management. We are happy to introduce the why and what of Head Over Hooves in this, our welcome blog!

Set in the northern rivers region of NSW, Head Over Hooves Farm Haven provides a safe place for rest, care and rehabilitation for farmed animals who need a second chance. When the animals have been restored to health and are ready for the next stage in their lives, we work hard to find them loving homes.

Our goal is for the animal to thrive and for their adoptive parent to experience the connection and joy that welcoming a farmed animal to the family can bring. Finding the right home for farmed animals who need one is central to what we do.

We are excited to start the Head Over Hooves journey with you!

Getting the shelter door height just right for ponies Forrest and Frances.

Would you like to be part of Head Over Hooves?

We’re just getting going! - setting up the farm and behind the scenes infrastructure it takes to provide high quality care and rescuing our first farmed animals from local shelters and pounds. Our regular blogs will chart our journey.

Join our list: We’d love you to join our mailing list to have the blog delivered to your inbox, and to receive regular updates on our animals and progress with their recovery and rehoming. We’ll share what we’re learning along the way and show you the behind the scenes of a farmed animal farm haven, including our top tips for farm animal care.

Donate: We’re bringing our best skills and commitment to our animal care, rehabilitation and re-homing. We invite you to vastly improve an abandoned or mistreated animal’s life by donating or sponsoring an animal. Every dollar will be used to provide direct animal care and will enable us to help more animals. Whether a one-off donation, or a regular monthly amount, we will ensure an animal enjoys a better life because of your generosity. Thankyou – from the animals – and from us.

Adopt: And if you are looking for a new companion and are considering adopting a farmed animal check out the animals we currently have looking for their new home.

Volunteer: We're still getting our volunteering up and running, but we'd be happy for you to register you interest.

We’d love you to be a part of the Head Over Hooves story and to make Head Over Hooves part of your contribution to a better world.

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